A backslash is seen whenever there is an apostrophe in the text of a hint message on a read only price field


Release or Environment

Jakarta, Kingston


This seems to occur on price field or a field that has a special character like $ and this is not properly escaping hence causing the backslash to follow an apostrophe.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Go to sc_cat_item.list
  2. Find Apple Watch
  3. Right click on Price and Click Configure Dictionary and set it to Read only and update the record
  4. Right click and Configure Label
  5. In hint type "That's all folks" and update the record
  6. Hover over the price and you will see the \ will show next to the apostrophe

I did test this in London, Madrid and New York, and I was unable to reproduce the problem in those versions


This issue is fixed in London and forward so using those versions would be the first recommendation. If you require a workaround, you can create a UI policy that makes the field read only which will prevent the issue from happening. The issue is only triggered if the dictionary record is set to read only.

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Last Updated:2020-02-26 08:21:05