Each MID server uses the AMB Client by default to be notified if there are any ecc_queue outputs available for it. The AMB client has a session timeout of 60 seconds OOB. The MID server also polls the instance every 40 seconds. Thus, a delay in ecc_queue output processing will happen if the AMB client is not connected. Once polling finds new work to be done the AMB client is reconnected.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Stop the creation of any ecc_queue outputs for the MID server for a few minutes so that the AMB client will timeout.
  2. Create an ecc_queue output record for the MID server. Note that it may take a while for the MID server to process the output. MID server polling will pickup the output and trigger AMB client to reconnect.
  3. Review the MID server logs and find that the AMB client reconnected.
    AMBClientProvider Connecting AMB client to instance...
    AMBClientProvider Subscribed to AMB channel: /mid/server/<sys_id>
  4. Next ecc_queue output should be picked up right away.


For MID servers which are having delays, set mid.disable_amb = true. For more information on MID server paremeters see the following document:

The MID server will fallback to polling every 5 seconds once mid.disable_amb is "true". This should improve the response time.

Related Problem: PRB1339658

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