Calculate the duration of an incident based on the Assignment Group.

Most of the cases, the incident will be traversed to multiple teams for resolution. In such cases, if we want to calculate the duration of the incident with respect to the assignment group, we can use "incident_metric" database view feature. 



Please follow the below steps 

  1. In Filter Navigator type "incident_metric.LIST". This will open the incident metrics table in the new page along with the list of incidents
  2. Add the condition as "Definition is Assignment Group"
  3. Ensure we have fields like Number(inc_number), Assignment Group, Duration(mi_duration), Priority, Incident State, Definition, Value, Active(inc_active), Created(mi_sys_create_on) 
  4. Run the report
  5. Sort the results in descending order on "Created" field
  6. Notice the "value" column which will be showing the assignment group that the incident is traversed and "Duration" tells the time taken by each assignment group. 
  7. Please find the screenshots from OOTB for reference 

We have added one incident (INC000029) in condition for better understanding. 




Additional Information

If we want to calculate the duration of assignment group based on SLA, we have a new plugin from London instance knows as "SLA Breakdowns plugin (com.snc.sla.breakdowns)"

In OOTB this plugin is defined for P1 and P2. Navigate to Service Level Management -> Breakdown Definitions

Check "Incident SLAs by Assignment". Once we open "Incident SLAs by Assignment", go to the second tab and notice "SLA Definitions". By default, it is defined only for P1 and P2. You have an edit option to include all other priorities. 

Once this plugin is activated, you will see an additional tab at the bottom of the incident page as shown below. 


Please find below links for more information. 

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