• An Email sent from the Servicenow Platform to a Mailbox with an Out of office autoreply setup does not generate the Out of office reply message on that mailbox and therefore no Out of office email is received in Servicenow
  • The out of office email is not created by the Email client such as Outlook or Gmail



Some Outbound email includes the header "Precedence:bulk" and some spam filters flag bulk email as spam

Some outbound email includes "Auto-submitted:auto-generated" in the header and some email clients view these as automated emails and do not bother triggering an auto reply email


Removing these from the header of the mail sent by the Servicenow instance and received by the Email clients such as Gmail would allow the Out of Office email to be created. 

To accomplish this:

  1. Navigate to the System Properties (Sys_properties) Table
  2. Update the property: 'glide.smtp.precedence_bulk' and set the value as 'false'
  3. Update the sys_property: '' and ensure it is blank


Note: If these system properties are not already present, you may create them


Warning: Ensure these actions are tested in sub-production instances before implemented in production environments


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Last Updated:2019-08-02 20:39:45