You have unchecked one or more boxes on the clone request form for Excluding certain data, or for Preserving the Theme, but after the clone has completed, this data still appears to have been excluded on the Target Instance.


Beginning in London


Starting with the London Release, the checkboxes on the Clone Request Form for these options, have been hidden on the form by default, with an Arrow to expand the Options section in order to see them.

If a user is unaware of this, and thinks the checkboxes are just missing from the form, they could add them to the form to make them visible as they are used to from past versions.

If these are added, but not removed also from the Options Section of the form, then even if you uncheck the boxes that are visible (the ones added to the form manually), they will still be checked in the 'hidden' Options Section on the form, and will revert to being checked as soon as the request is submitted.


Remove the duplicate checkboxes from the form by clicking on the Form Options in the Top Left Corner of the form, and choosing 'Configure > Form Layout', and then removing them either from the 'System Clone' section, or the 'Options' section of the form.

Request a new clone to confirm the options you uncheck are honored on the Target Instance.


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Last Updated:2019-08-13 09:07:03