How to remove the User name and Password fields from public CMS (Content Management) pages. 


Below the steps to follow:

1. Ensure the "view_content" page is public 


2. Navigate to Content Management --> Sites
Select the sites to modify.

3. Remove the value in the "Login page" field.

4. In the same page, go to the Home Page field and click on the information icon "i".

5. Click on the dropzone0 under the Portal TAB (Related links).

6. Copy the sys_id value.

7. Navigate to Content Management --> Headers
Filter by the sys_id you got in step 6. That is  the Header that the page is using to display the User name and Password fields.

9. Uncheck the Login option and save


Applicable Versions

All current supported versions.


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Last Updated:2019-06-18 14:21:12