We need to prevent any SNMP OID Classifications being added with a Net-SNMP module OID starting to avoid mis-Classification and wrong Model names

Those OIDs belong to the free Net-SNMP Module (, which is used to implement SNMP in many networked devices, however sometimes manufacturers fail to replace the default template System OID with their own specific to the Manufacturer's Model. 

If an OID record has been entered with one of these - e.g. a specific Printer - and another device is scanned - e.g. a Router - then that router CI will end up in the Printer table. That record will always override the automatic classification, and make/model code.

The following OIDs need to be blocked from being entered in the OID table in the instance. They all start hpux9 sunos4 solaris osf ultrix hpux10 netbsd freebsd irix linux bsdi openbsd win32 hpux11 aix macosx unknown

Devices known to use one of these OIDs, usually the linux one, include:

  • Riverbed Technology, SteelCentral Flow Gateway/User Interface Module
  • Aruba Network, CP-HW-5K IP Router
  • Dell, iDRAC7 Remote Access Controller / Out-of-band SNMP Agent for Remote Access
  • ExtraHop, Discover 8100
  • Intermec, PM43 Printer
  • IBM, ISAM Server
  • Barracuda, SPAM Firewall
  • Brocade, Virtual Traffic Manager
  • Check Point Smart-1 3050 Firewall
  • Blue Coat DLP2700
  • SourceFire Intrusion Detection
  • RSA Token Server
  • Netgear ReadyNAS
  • A10 Load Balancers
  • McAfee Email Gateway
  • Peplink Balance
  • Sophos UTM Firewall

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Add an OID for "Intermec PM43" Printer, for Printer Classifier, and Printer class
  2. Discover a Aruba Network, CP-HW-5K IP Router, which also uses this OID
  3. A Printer CI will be created


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There is no way to use these OIDs for Classification, as they are not unique. If experiencing this issue, then the solution is to delete the OID record so that it isn't used, and so can't cause problems with mis-classification or assigning the wrong Model. The friendly model name entered in the OID record will then not be used.

SNMP with then have to fall back to other sources of data to classify the device and set Model information, which should still work if the SNMP implementation is fairly standard. If those model names generated by that process need to use the friendly model name that had been in the OID record, then Field Normalization could be used to update/normalize those model names instead.

If the device still cannot be classified, then a new SNMP Classification can be created that checks for data that will be there for this specific device, such as a string in sysDesc.

Related Problem: PRB1349444

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SR - ITOM - CMDB CI Class Models - 201908
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SR - ITOM - Discovery and Service Mapping - v1.0.35

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