Sync between Major Case and Child Case is not working.


1. Sync child case fields upon parent chng BR drives the sync.

2. 'Synchronize fields from parent to child cases' system property should be set to "Yes".

3. 'sn_customerservice.case_fields_to_sync' system property should have the value set as "priority, state, comments, work_notes, close_notes, resolution_code, product"

4. Dictionary field was customized


  1. Check if "Sync child case fields upon parent chng" BR or above mentioned properties have been customized.
  2. Check the property 'Synchronize fields from parent to child cases'' if it set to "Yes".

    This property is found in Customer Service > Administration > Properties

  3. Check if the field to be copied exist in 'sn_customerservice.case_fields_to_sync'. If not, add the field there
  4. Check if any dictionary field was customized. eg comments field Type change from Journal Input to Journal. Make the configuration setting same as OOB

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Last Updated:2020-04-14 19:21:18