Property '' is ignored by Knowledge Portal search widgets

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Log in to a Madrid Instance and set the property '' to False.
  2. Navigate to /kb and use the search bar to search for a random keyword (ie: test)

    Expected behavior: Knowledge search results should not display ratings and the behavior should be coherent with searching from /$ where the property is properly considered.
    Actual behavior: Search ratings are displayed and the property '' is ignored.


The below workaround can be used for now:

  • Switch to the application "Knowledge Management - Service Portal"
  • Clone the widget "Knowledge Result"
  • In the cloned widget Change the following line from:

to :

if(gs.getProperty("") == "true") 
  • Make sure that the angular ng templates below are moved to the cloned widget:
    The above link should load the templates:
    • kb_result_pinned_article_summary
    • kb_result_article_summary

Related Problem: PRB1349067

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Fixed In

London Patch 10
Madrid Patch 6
New York

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