Business Rules are skipped in London if their filter_condition has more than one conditions and one of them contains 'HASITEMVARIABLE'.

Steps to Reproduce

On a London instance,
1. Add a new variable of Type 'Select Box' to any of the OOB catalog items, i.e. 'Apple iPad 3'
2. Create a couple of Questions for this variable.
3. Try the catalog item, in order to generate a sc_task record
4. Create a new Business Rule on sc_task and add a filter_condition with TWO conditions, one of which on variables:
variablesHASITEMVARIABLE:21b09111db1c3300f9bc3a433a961974=b^short_descriptionLIKEOrder from vendor or move from in-stock inventory^EQ
where '21b09111db1c3300f9bc3a433a961974' is the sys_id of the variable created in step 1 and'b' is one of its questions' values.

5. Trigger the Business Rule

Expected Result:
The business rule should run

Actual Result:
The business rule is skipped



In London: Move the variable part of the "filter condition" to the "condition" field in the Business Rule.


This issue is fixed in Madrid. Please upgrade to the fixed version.

Related Problem: PRB1332532

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