Sometimes the solution training happens to be successful but the prediction is failing due to the artifact size exceeded the limit. A trainer has a max allowed limit of 40MB but the prediction has a 20MB limit. This is applicable for pre-New York releases only.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Log into the instance and go to REST API Explorer;
  2. Leave Namespace as "now", select "Agent Intelligence" as API Name and leave API Version as "latest";
  3. In the "solution_name" field, input the name of the Solution trained
  4. Populate the Query Parameters as needed
  5. Click on Send

Expected behavior: Output of the JSON state the outcome, confidence and threshold

Current behavior: Output of the JSON state the outcome as "Unable to predict"

In the logs we can see an error that states:

Prediction API call failed, possible reason is artifact size is greater than the value specified in glide property 'glide.platform_ml.artifact.attachment_size'. 
Please increase it to a value greater than the current artifact size or contact support.


Create or update the System Property [ sys_properties ] "glide.platform_ml.artifact.attachment_size" and set the Value to 40MB. The value in this System Property is in Bytes, so 40MB should be inserted as 41943040.

Related Problem: PRB1347994

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Fixed In

Madrid Patch 5

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