When database views are created, a sys_db_view record is created but there is also a sys_documentation record created for the underlying view. Sys_documentation records are used when the name of a table is referenced throughout the instance. Depending on where the table is being referenced, if the sys_documentation record is missing, users can experience unexpected behavior.

Users can find this behavior confusing when they are searching for an affected database view in a filter.

Additionally, in order for the imported database view to work important to remember to import the corresponding sys_db_view_table records. These records record the underlying relationships between the tables specified in the database view.


Users can import the sys_documentation records from the instance from which these database views were created. If these records are unavailable for some reason, they can be recreated by following the steps below:

1. Navigate to https://<instance-name> 
2. Fill in the table with the 'Table' field with the name from the corresponding database view
3. Fill in the Label and Plural exactly as they are configured on the corresponding database view 

Applicable Versions

All currently supported releases

Additional Information

Without the corresponding documentation record:


With the corresponding documentation record:

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