When an outgoing email record is configured to be sent from a user for informational purpose (sys_email.user attribute populated with a value), and if the string contains "@" with other space or brackets, email is not sent out and the status changes to ignored, and type changes to send-failed. Error string is observed as "Local address contains control or whitespace"

Steps to Reproduce

Make sure email sending is enabled on the instance.

1. Create an outgoing email in sys_email table by triggering a notification.
2. Make sure email is sent out successfully.
3. Open the same record and populate the User attribute as "Fredd Luddy (fred.luddy@example.com)" (without the quotes), change the Type to "send-ready", and State to "Ready" and save the record.
4. Wait for the SMTP Sender job to trigger and observe that Type changed to "send-failed", State changed to "Ignored", and the Error string attribute is visible as "Local address contains control or whitespace"
5. Header contains the "From: IT Service Desk <Fred Luddy (fred.luddy@example.com>" string as an invalid string.


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