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Variable Set with "Visible Everywhere" false is showing up in the catalog item and when the variable is added to the Order Guide with another catalog item containing the same variable set, the request item generated for the catalog item does not contain the submitted variables.

Steps to Reproduce

Required Plugin: Service Portal
1. Create a variable set with some variables
2. Set "Visible Elsewhere" false for the variables
3. Add to a catalog item,
4. Open the catalog item in Service Portal

Expected behavior: The variables should not show up, Similar to how it behaves inside Service Catalog

Actual behavior: The variables show up in the portal.

4. Add the variable Set to the Order Guide.
5. Add the Catalog item with the variable set to Order Guide
6. Now open the Order Guide in Service Portal and fill the values for the variable set in the order guide and the catalog item and Submit the item.

Expected behavior: The Request Item generated for the catalog item does not contain the variables submitted

Actual behavior: The Request Item for the catalog item generated should contain the variable set submitted


The problem is fixed in Kingston and later versions. 

Related Problem: PRB1159274

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