The issue is around walk-up queued notification not working as expected. All the below descriptions are related to the same core issue. 

  1. Event sn_walkup.interaction.queued is queued with no URI specified
  2. sn_walkup.interaction.queued  event is not being fired when a new user checkins into the queue. 
  3. walk up experience end users are receiving the incorrect email format type.

NOTE: This notification will be deprecated in Madrid release due to integration with advanced work assignment model(AWA) as this model provides several rich features including automatic work assignment to agents from workspace. With this model, agents will get notified about incoming work item via their inbox. 

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Install walk-up plugin on a London instance. 
  2. Create an interaction record via walk-up checkin service. 
  3. Notice that the notification received by technicians/fulfillers does not have information on underlying interaction fields.

Below is the workaround for the queued notification to work on London release with underlying interaction fields populated in the email template.


  1. The NotificationFacade script include (sys_script_include_267c3dafb3f603002186a72256a8dce4) has a "read-only " protection policy, so a customer cannot modify the script directly, however they can make their own implementation using the Extension points.  This extension point implementation will override the OOTB notification facade script.
  2. Copy the code from NotificationFacade into the newly created implementation and rename it to NotificationFacadeCustom. Be sure to verify that the order value for this implementation is less than OOB implementation.
  3. Rename function sendQueuedNotification() in the script to sendQueuedNotificationCustom().
  4. Modify the return statement in sendQueuedNotificationCustom() to be
    • return gs.eventQueue(this.QUEUED, this._getInteractionGlideRecord(interaction), assignmentGroup);
  5. Disable the associated interaction_connector onQueued event. (Please see attached screenshot)
  6. Create a new business rule that runs after insert of a walk-up interaction that uses the same function call that was in the interaction connector onQueued code block. (Please see attached screenshot).

Additional information

More information on extension points and how to go about creating an implementation can be found here - Extension points

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