Open sc_cat_item table and in category field click on preview record and then click on 'open record', in London/Madrid it will redirect to catalog category front end page and not the expected backend view.

Steps to Reproduce

-Go to OOTB London/Madrid instance
-Open sc_cat_item table
-Open any entry with a valid category


-now in category field click on preview record and then click on 'open record'
It will redirect to catalog category front end page

Now follow the same step for Kingston instance
1) Go to catalog item in Kingston instances:

2)In the category field click on preview.
It will redirect to backend category view

The backend view is expected here as the category is being opened from backend catalog item.
But this is not happenning in London or Madrid instance


Please review the Fixed in version.

As a workaround, configure the dictionary entry by going to CatalogItem ->Category-> Configure Dictionary and removing attribute popup_processor=com.glideapp.servicecatalog.CategoryPopper. But doing this will prevent any updates during upgrades to that entry from our side to customer.
So we suggest to delete the entry sys_dictionary_sc_cat_item_category from sys_update_xml table. Deleting this will ensure customer receives further updates to this entry during upgrades. Its better not to apply this work around if the customer has already customised this entry and sys_dictionary_sc_cat_item_category already exists.

Related Problem: PRB1333445

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