This article focus on how to enable CI identification and Reconciliation debugging and view the CI payload to the IRE and check the issues with the payload on demand


Step #1: Enable IRE debugging for the CI payload.

  • Check if the property "glide.cmdb.logger.source.identification_engine" exists in the sys_properties list. If not create one with type String.
  • If yes set this value to * OR debugVerbose. So this will throw the log to the syslog (System Logs) table.

Step #2: Run the specified data source job (like Discovery, Import Set, integration, etc) so the system will trigger the CI identification.

Step #3: Once the CI is identified, go to System Logs and look for the source as "identification_engine".

Step #4: Within the above logs look for the message contains "indetification_engine : input = {"items":[{"ClassName"" and whole json object.

Step #5: Copy the payload from the above message (beginning from {"items" to the end of the message).

Step #6: Now you can run the above message in the "identification Simulation" to run OR use How to run the CI identification on demand using the payload and see what is wrong with the payload OR what are the errors while inserting/updating the CI.

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