When the MID server comes back with status "UP" from a previously known "DOWN" state, it queries for the "output" ECC queue record that are in "ready state". It has a query window of 30 minutes and only queries for the records that are from 30 minutes prior.

If you want the MID server to query for all the output records that are stuck in ready state, then you can reset the query window. The script include "MIDServerManage" has a "resetQueryWindow" function that can be called to reset the query window. This sets the query window to start of time and hence the mid server requests for all the records and does not limit to 30 minutes prior.


In order to reset the query window, run the following script from background scripts. Please make sure to replace the "NameofMID" with actual MID server name.

var mm=new MIDServerManage();


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Last Updated:2019-06-11 07:05:34