• You have activated the Outlook Actionable Messages plugin (com.sn_ms_oam).
  • You have included in a Notification Template the call to the email script "include_approval_actionable":  ${mail_script:include_approval_actionable}
  • When an email notification is sent, you don't see the Approve or Reject buttons in the email record.

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The Outlook Actionable Messages actions do not show in the email body as standard Approve or Reject links. 

According to Microsoft documentation (*) regarding sending actionable message by email, the following describes how the same it is added to the email body: 

"To embed an actionable message card in an email message, we need to wrap the card in a <script> tag. The <script> tag is then inserted into the <head> of the email's HTML body." 
"Because the card JSON must be wrapped in a <script> tag, the body of the actionable message email MUST be HTML. " 

(*) Send an actionable message via email in Office 365 


Look into the notification's sys_email record HTML body for the occurrence of the tags <script> and </script>. A JSON payload must exist in between the tags. 

If your notification contains the <script> tags and the JSON content, then the Outlook Actionable Messages was successfully included in the email notification. 

For example:



{"type":"Action.OpenUrl","title":"View Approval Request","url":"https://<instance_name>"}]}]}


Additional Information


The Outlook Actionable Messages (OAM) feature is not supported in all Microsoft mail products and versions. To verify whether your version of Outlook supports OAM, refer to the Microsoft documentation.

If the Actionable Message does not show on the client side when the email is open, but the script content was included in the email notification, then the most probable cause is that Outlook Actionable Messages is not configured on the client side or it is not supported by the client version.

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