Issue Description:
when including a custom "Portal page" (sys_portal_page) for the service catalog, the name of the portal page is translated in the "sysparm_view" URL parameter, and therefore the users are not seeing the configured view but a different view.

Consider the following scenario,
There is a custom portal page in the sys_portal_page table with title "catalog_Service_Catalog" and with the view "catalog_Service_Catalog"
After installing the translation, by default, there is a translation for the value "Service Catalog" in the "sys_translated" table.
So when we attach the custom portal page "catalog_Service_Catalog" to the "Service Catalog" in the sc_catalog_view_mtom table, the sysparm_view in the URL is translated when we change the language.
For example, if we change the language to Spanish, now the sysparm_view will be as "catalog_Catálogo_de_servicios"

Steps to Reproduce

Install the translation plugin for any language like Spanish or Brazilian Portuguese.

1. Create a new sys_portal_page and give the title as "catalog_Service_Catalog" and the view as "catalog_Service_Catalog"
2. Go to "maintain catalog" -> select the record "Service Catalog" and under the "Catalog Portal Pages" section, remove the default page (if any) and add the custom page that we just created.
3. Now go to "Service Catalog" -> "Catalogs"
4. We can see two catalogs, service catalog and technical catalog.
5. Inspect the "Service catalog" widget and hover over it and we can see an <a> tag. Verify the URL that the sysparm_view points to "catalog_Service_Catalog"
6. Now change the language to either Spanish or Brazilian Portuguese.
7. Do
8. Repeat the steps 3 to 5
9. Now we can see that the sysparm_view would be translated and it would now point to something like "catalog_Catálogo_de_servicios" (please see the attached screenshot named error)
10. Now when we go back to the "maintain catalog" -> select the record "Service Catalog" and under the "Catalog Portal Pages" section, set the "Default" value to "true"
11. Repeat the steps 3 to 5
12. Now the sysparm_view will not be translated.

Expected behavior
The sysparm_view in the URL should not be translated

Actual behavior
The sysparm_view is being translated.


Pls upgrade to the fixed versions when available: London Patch 9 or Madrid.

If you are unable to upgrade just yet, there is an alternate workaround, but it does come with disruption to the instance.  Running a will empty the cache and enable a successful read of the URL as we do not translate on the 1st read.  Thereon after we pull from the cache and then translate.

Related Problem: PRB1291066

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London Patch 9

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