Short Description: Error message appears stating that mandatory date field is not filled in even when it is actually populated.

Builds affected: London P3, P4 HF2, P5, P6

Issue Description: Issue occurs when language pack is activated and affects date type fields specifically.  Error message pops up as "one of the field is not completed" and this error message appears only when a language other than English is selected.  i.e. Japanese, Finnish, German, etc...

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Install any language pack such as the Japanese language plugin.
  2. In the filter navigator, type 'maintain items'.
  3. Click New or open any catalog item.
  4. Navigate to the Variable tab and click New to create the variable with the following conditions:
    1. Type: Date
    2. Question: Date
  5. Check the check box 'Mandatory'.
  6. Open Service Portal.
  7. Change the language selection from English to other language set up in step 1.
  8. On Service Portal, change the parameter to show the catalog item you create/modify in Step 3.
  9. Click the calendar icon in the Date field.
  10. Choose a date that is two days from now.
  11. Click out of the calendar view.
  12. Click the Date field again.
  13. Click Order.

Notice that an error message shows up and you cannot proceed to the next step. This issue does not happen when you choose the English language.


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Related Problem: PRB1324097

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Fixed In

London Patch 9
Madrid Patch 3
New York

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