The issue was introduced in London by the out-of-box MID selector override filter 'Override by capability'.

The script has a condition such that this MID Selection Override applies only for MID servers with Cloud Management capability. However, due an error in the code, this mid selector override applies for all capabilities.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Use an out of box instance on London or Madrid Patch 2 configured with a single MID Server called: MIDABC
  2. Assign only one Capability to MIDABC e.g. Test1
  3. Assign one Supported Application e.g. Orchestration
  4. Pass two capabilities in the request for MidSelector(); the following script can be run as a background script to simulate this (in Global):
var midSelector = new SNC.MidSelector();
gs.print( midSelector.selectMid("Orchestration", null, [{"capability": "Test1","value": ""}, {"capability": "Test2","value": ""}], null )) ;


Expected result:

Unable to find any validated MID Server based on status 'xyz'

Actual result:

MID server MIDABC with capability Test1 is selected.

This is incorrect, an exception should have been thrown as a MID with both capabilities specified in the request does not exist. Both capabilities (Test1 AND Test2) should have been used to select a MID server.


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The bug is in the function 'hasCloudCapability' of the script configured for 'Override by capability' MID selector override.

Notice the semicolon at the end of "if" condition in the code below. This causes the condition to always return true and then run another function in the script 'getNonCloudCapability' (meant for only cloud management). This function returns only the first capability in the array of capabilities passed to MidSelector and an incorrect MID selection can happen.

function hasCloudCapability(capabilities) {
for(var j in capabilities) {
if(capabilities[j].capability == 'Cloud Management');
return true;

return false;

The workaround would be to remove the semicolon from the 'if' condition, so the code should look like the below -

function hasCloudCapability(capabilities) {
for(var j in capabilities) {
if(capabilities[j].capability == 'Cloud Management') return true;

return false;


Related Problem: PRB1346731

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