This article explains how you can translate the topic names for the topics used in Virtual agent for other languages used on an instance.


The translation for Topic names is to be created on sys_cs_topic.title (which is of type 'translated_text'). Therefore the translations for this will be created in the sys_translated_text table. The name field of the sys_cs_topic records is not translated so creating any translation records for that field won't provide the desired results.

  1. In order to create the translation record for a topic name(title), navigate to the sys_translated_text table and click New to create a new record.
  2. First Select the Language for which you need to create the translation for - like French or Spanish or any language you may be using on the instance.
  3. Next select the table name as sys_cs_topic
  4. The next step would be to choose the Field Name - this should be selected to Title.
  5. Lastly, click on the lookup button next to the Document field. This will load a popup where the Table name is already selected and the Document field is empty.
  6. Click on the lookup button next to the document field in this popup. A reference list with the topic records in the sys_cs_topic table shows up.
  7. Select the topic you are trying to create the translation for and then Click OK on the popup.
  8. Lastly, in the Value field, enter the translation for the name(title) you require. The translation record would look like below:

Submit this record. 

This will create the translation for the Topic name(title) for the desired language. Similar records can be created for other languages or other topics on the instance.


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