When an agent closes out a chat sometimes it keeps coming back and when looking at the live_group_member records for the conversation there are multiple records for the agent.

This issue happens when after creating the HR case someone who is not the agent or anyone else in the conversation changes the assigned to of the case to be the agent. (This won't happen if the person doing the assignment is either an admin or has the live_feed_admin role)

Steps to Reproduce

You need to install Connect Support and the HR Service Portal plugin because it contains the 'Add recipients to conversation' BRs
1. Make sure you have two users who are both part of the HR Support assignment group and who have the sn_hr_core roles need to create and update HR records.
2. As a totally different end-user, initiate a connect support conversation in the HR SUpport queue.
3. As the first HR Agent, accept the chat and then use the connect action to create an HR case from the chat.
4. Fill out any information needed and save the case.
5. As the second HR agent, navigate to the newly created case and change the assigned to field to be the first agent and save the record.
6. As the first HR Agent close out the chat and after a few seconds notice that it comes back. You may need to refresh the page, but most of the time I didn't need to.

Expected behavior: The chat should not come back and you should never be a member of the same conversation twice.

Actual behavior: The chat keeps coming back until you manually edit or remove the LGM record.


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Related Problem: PRB1342737

Seen In

Madrid Patch 2

Fixed In

London Patch 10
Madrid Patch 5
New York

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