It has been identified that when upgrading to London or Kingston Patch 13, the Catalog Item Annotations can be missing.  This is due to a bug fix which now stipulates the show help checkbox being ticked.

Steps to Reproduce

1)Hop on to a London Instance
2)Go to Maintain items.
3)Go to any service catalog item and create a Variable with type - "Label".
4)Go to annotations and type in the instructions section.
5)Click "Try It" on catalog item and notice that the label with annotations is empty or doesnt show the instructions which we had entered.


This is Expected Behaviour in London. 'Show help' check box should be checked in the annotations tab to be able to see instructions. 

Please visit the documentation :


Note: There was a previous issue where the checkbox was being ignored and PRB1248401 held the fix.  This was released in Kingston patch 13 & London

Related Problem: PRB1320224

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