While creating an asset no records show up on the model field. When we click on the reference field the reference list pops-up but no records are shown.




Any Environment.


Within the asset form, when we click on the Model field reference icon, then there is a script include "ModelAndCategoryFilters" method "assetModelRefQual" being called. This method will build the reference qualifier for us to get the related model category defined. Here it will go through certain filters based on the type of asset we are creating and if there are any model categories attached to it etc. Refer to KB ModelFilters (KB0750026) for more details about different filters we define and how it gets the data.

If we do not define proper model categories, or if there are n models with these model categories then it may fail to return any models.


Based on above make sure we have following criteria satisfied.

  • Make sure there are valid model categories defined.
  • Make sure there are some models attached to the above model categories.
  • Check if the model category is defined as "Asset Tracking Strategy to "Leave it to Category".

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