There is no OOB way to get this information. We have this tracked in multiple system tables and below outlined is a workaround on how this can be achieved.

**** The steps outlined is a workaround to get this information and this should be tested on your SUB PROD instances and you should also weigh in the performance impact while implementing this on PROD as every instance is different and there is no way to benchmark this.


Additional Information

The information you are looking for is captured on sysevent table which is a system table. This table is not available/recommended for reporting and there is an OOB auto rotation enabled on this every 7 days.


So this table will only have last 7 days of data. To get the information you are looking for, you have to create a customised script on a sysevent table to capture the required information to a custom table of your choice and use that table for reporting. 

if you use a realtime Business Rule, it can create a lot of load on the instance as this is the one of the most busiest/frequently accessed system table of the instance platform. 

You can plan for a scheduled custom script which pulls the required information once a day during your NON business hours. This can pull the required information( columns/data required) daily into the custom table of your choice and used for reporting. 



Name ==> login/logout

Instance==> Session ID of the user

Parm 1==> Username

User id ==> sys_id of the user


Claimed By ==> Node on which the user was logged.

Created ==> timestamp of Login/logout activity




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