How to create flows/sub-flows in a scoped application and move it across instances


1. Here are the steps to create a flow in a scoped app

  1. Open studio from source instance > Open the app you want to edit 

  2. Click Create application file on top left

  3. select Flow designer > Click create flow > Click Next

  4. enter your flow properties > Click Submit

  5. Add the required parameters (like trigger/actions) > Ensure you click Save on the top right.

2. Follow the same procedure ( steps 1.i to 1.v in the mentioned in the previous step)

3. Publish the app to the target and you can see the flow/sub-flow you created when you navigate to flow designer > flow/sub-flow > name of your flow/sub-flow


Applicable Versions

Kingston or later

Useful Resources

Flow designer

Publish an application to the application repository

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Last Updated:2019-08-02 20:41:30