On VTB card, certain fields like assignment group, updated by, assigned to fields are not removable/configurable as shown below. This article clarifies this behavior.

Why assignment group, assigned to & updated by fields not removable on VTB card view?

  • The assignment group, updated by, assigned to fields are added to the card view by the platform code and hence they can not be removed/configured on the VTB card view.
  • The following problem was raised for this limitation, PRB1203539 - assignment group, updated by, assigned to fields always appear on VTB Card view even if it is not added on VTB View.
  • And this problem has been closed with following comments, These fields were actually brought back to VTB cards by a fix for PRB698918. This PRB states that these fields existed back in Geneva & Fuji. Based on the fix, there isn't a way for a customer to customize the fields that are seen are the cards. So this is working as designed. 
  • If you wanted to include this feature of configuring the above-mentioned fields in VTB card view, Please feel free to raise an enhancement request as per article KB0547257.

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