We have a different type of relationships available and sometime you may wonder what is the purpose of the User/Group relationship tab on the CMDB forms like a server.


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Purpose Explained

Group relationship is one of the types of CMDB relationship just like CMDB CI relationship (CI to CI relationships). The discovered/added Ci can be related other CI or User or group. This group relationship tab gives the list of groups related to the current CI. Please find the below article for more details: 

CI relationships

For example, a web application might read data from a particular instance of Oracle, which in turn might depend on a piece of underlying hardware. Most CIs in a CMDB have multiple relationships to other CIs, users, and groups. 

The group relationship table is "cmdb_rel_group". If we try to create a new record (new group relationship) you will see Ci, Group, and type of relationship. This clearly says why this type of relationship exists. One of the types of relationship is "Backup done by:: Does backups for". 

Just like the above, we can also find "User Relationships" tab under which the CI - User relationships are added. 

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