There are times when a user may have accidentally set fields that are usually read-write to read-only.

This can happen by simply making the change and forgetting to remove that change before moving an update set; or updating and forgetting to change back to the original read-write.



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  1. Go to the field that you could previously write to and right-click and select "Configure Dictionary".
  2. On the right hand side of the form there will be a field "Read Only" and the box next to it will have a tick.
  3. Untick and save the record.
  4. Go back to the form and you should now have the access to write to the field.

Additional Information

If you add the version tab to the form you will have the ability to view who made the change.

Additionally if the read-only box is not selected you will need to review your UI Policies or Client Scripts. Below are links to information on UI Policies and Client Script for UI Policies.

UI Policies

Client Script for UI Policies

Further information on the Read-Only field can be found on our Documents page: Dictionary Entry Form

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