After an upgrade to Madrid release reference fields (such as the Configuration item, Department, Caller, Location fields on incident form) are not showing all records in the reference popup as expected. It is showing few records or none at all, depending on the records that are opened.




This is due to a fix that was done as part of PRB601488 ("Reference fields set as dependent do not limit results if the field they depend on is not present in the form layout") which enforces data integrity.

Prior to Madrid reference fields that are dependent upon another field returned all records if the dependent field is not present on the form.

For example, the Configuration item field is dependent upon the Company field. If the Company field only has one CI associated to it when users lookup the Configuration Item field that field will only display one record to select. This is expected field dependency functionality.

But due to PRB601488 in pre-Madrid releases this functionality was not working correctly if the dependent field (Company) is not added to the form.

In Madrid this was fixed where whether or not the Company field is added to the form, the Configuration item field will trigger the field dependency functionality and limit the results.


Customers can take either of the 2 approaches to resolve this issue:

  1. Fixing the Data: Update the data so that the dependent field for example "Company" has a value in the reference table record example Configuration Item, Location, User etc., so that the reference field records are populated when clicking on its reference icon.
  2. If the pre-Madrid behavior is desired, and customers do not wish to take the first approach, they can remove the field dependency functionality by going to the field's dictionary entry and blanking out the Dependent field value under the Dependent Field form section.

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