Report condition builder with a Reference field shown as choice list will display the value field as String Field

Steps to Reproduce

1) Login into demonightlyjakarta
2) Create a True/False field in the sys_user table named "business_partner" and check it for one user
3) Create a reference field on the incident table named "business_partner_ref":
a. Reference Specification:
--- Reference: sys_user
--- Reference qual condition: business_partner is true
b. Choice List Specification:
--- Choice: Dropdown with -- None --
c. Attributes: ref_auto_completer=AJAXReferenceChoice
4) Notice in the incident table that the reference will appear as choice list with two values selectable
5) Navigate through "Report -> View / Run" and click on Create a report
6) Using the New UI select the following:
- Source Type: Table
- Table: incident
- Clicking on the funnel to insert the following condition: "Business partner ref is "

Expected Behaviour:
The value field of the condition should display a Choice List of users

Actual Behaviour:
The value field of the condition is displayed as String Field as per attached screenshot


This is a misconfiguration because Reference Fields do not support Choice List specifications.  Removing ref_auto_completer attribute and setting Choice List Specification to "None" will allow old and new condition builders to use the standard reference field dropdown.  The option "Dropdown with -- None --" either has no effect or may prevent the dropdown from displaying.

Related Problem: PRB1187441

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