For some users, when they view Task SLA lists or related lists, the SLA definition column displays a blank value. An example of this issue is shown in the image below.

blank sla definition


Kingston and later


The user is failing an ACL check on the contract_sla table and cannot read the value.


This can be resolved by adding a new read ACL on the contract_sla table. Please note that you must have activated security admin privileges to create new ACLs.

1) Navigate to System Security > Access Control (ACL) 
2) Click the blue New button in the list header to create a new entry 
3) Change the Operation value to: read 
4) In the first Name dropdown, select: SLA Definition [contract_sla], leave the second dropdown empty 
5) Scroll down to the Requires role section and double click the Insert a new row... text 
6) Add the role you wish to grant access for
7) Save the record 

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Last Updated:2019-08-02 20:41:52