On domain separated instance, MID Selector sometimes returns sys_id of MID Servers that are not in the same domain as the caller, sometimes it leads to the error "Invalid mid server ID was found by CloudMidSelectionApi "

Ex: User calling MID Selector logic is in Domain A and the logic returns sys_id of MID Server in Domain B.

Steps to Reproduce

Example 1:

  1. Configure Domain Separation
  2. Take 3 users, Admin in global domain, acme user in acme domain and cisco in Cisco domain
  3. Create 2 MID servers in global domain, status Up and Validated
  4. Create 2 MID servers in acme domain, status Up and Validated
  5. Create 2 MID servers in cisco domain, status Up and Validated
  6. Run following script backgoudn as each domain user
var app = null; 
var capabilities = null;
var context = null;
var midSelector = new SNC.MidSelector();
var midservers =, null, null, null);
for(var i=0; i< midservers.length; i++)

var gr = new GlideRecord('ecc_agent');

Result and Expectation:
Run as Admin User:
Prints 6 sys ID of MID servers and 6 row count (expected)

Run as Acme user:
Prints 6 sys ID fo MID servers and 4 row count (expected 4 sys IDs and 4 row count)

Run as Cisco User
Prints 6 sys ID fo MID servers and 4 row count (expected 4 sys IDs and 4 row count)


Example 2

  1. Configure Domain Separation
  2. Install and configure two MID Servers, each in a different domain
  3. Configure MID Server user to be in the same domain as one of the above mid servers
  4. Create a scheduled script execution and execute the following script as the above MID Server user:
var app = '';
var capabilities = [{"capability":"Cloud Management"},{"capability":"AWS","value":"us-west-1"}];
var context = '"{\"location_name\":\"us-west-1\",\"capi_impl_name\":\"AWS Compute API\",\"endpoint_url\":null,\"correlation_id\":\"dce44f3cdb0fa704d49e9532ca9619e3\",\"capi_method_name\":\"ListHardwareTypes\",\"capi_interface_name\":\"Compute Interface\",\"targets\":null,\"service_account_id\":\"598329518172\",\"capi_method_parameters\":{\"Project\":\"$(CloudCredential.project_name)\",\"Endpoint\":\"$(CloudCredential.URL)\",\"Identity\":\"$(CloudCredential.access_key)\",\"Credentials\":\"$(CloudCredential.secret_key)\",\"CloudOperation\":\"ListHardwareTypes\",\"Provider\":\"aws-ec2\",\"AccountAliasName\":\"$(CloudCredential.Alias)\"}}"';

var midSelector = new SNC.MidSelector();
var midId = midSelector.selectMid(app, null, capabilities, context);

if (midId){
var agent = new GlideRecord('ecc_agent');
gs.log('Name: ' + + ', status: ' + agent.status + ', started: ' + agent.started + ', sys_id: ' + agent.sys_id);

var mid = new;

Verify in syslog that intermittently, sysid of MID Server in a different domain is returned


This problem has been fixed. If you are able to upgrade, review the Fixed In or Intended Fix Version fields to determine whether any versions have a planned or permanent fix and till that time use the below workaround.

When calling midSelector.SelectMid(...), replace with following,

var midSysIds = [];
var validMidSysIds = [];
var validMid = '';
midSysIds =, null, capabilities, context);
for( var midCount=0; midCount< midSysIds.length; midCount++) {
var midGr = new GlideRecord("ecc_agent");
if(midGr.isValid()) { 
validMidSysIds.push(midSysIds[midCount]); //you can return here from first valid MID to save some on performance. 


if(validMidSysIds.length != 0) {
var randomMid = Math.floor((Math.random() * validMidSysIds.length));
validMid = validMidSysIds[randomMid];
} else
gs.log('SNCTEST no Valid MID server found');

// Now we have everything set up - call the mid selector API to select one mid
return validMid;


Note: Workaround has very little performance overhead. 

Related Problem: PRB1323398

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