Workflow gets stuck at a certain activity and does not proceed ahead.

Navigate to any catalog item that has any workflow associated with it. (Workflow should have approval activity and as well a create catalog task activity)
Fill the necessary details and Order Now and Check out.
Approve the RITM.
The workflow reaches the 'Catalog task' activity
Post-approval, the workflow is getting stuck. It's not moving further from the 'Catalog task' activity.


The main script include 'TaskStateUtil' that passes the control to the workflow about the states has been skipped in the upgrade.

 UI Action: Close Task (defined on the 'sc_task' table) is not customized but in few of the scenarios this might also cause the issue.


Revert the script include to the latest OOTB version

Revert the OOTB UI action 'Close task' that is customized also need to be reverted to latest version

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Last Updated:2019-11-17 18:13:20