When SCCM runs weekly it discovers new CI's on network and creates the CIs record on cmdb. When ever a new CI was created, it creates a new Asset depending on the class of 
the CI. So, when the new assets are being created through SCCM import, the asset tag is not being auto generated for such assets.

Identified there was a custom system property it was a asset_tag that is mapped to the number which has auto generated into the field. So, we have our out of the box which it synchronizes the Asset - ci mapping.
ThisI uses the Asset field as Asset tag and CI Field as Asset tag. 
This could happen while using Discovery, it is running the CI, getting created and the asset creation will trigger (which includes the Tag) but before that the mapping comes into place and can override the Asset Tag. 


In the Asset - ci mapping we can add a condition such as 'Asset tag' is ’not empty'

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Last Updated:2019-08-02 20:42:01