On editing the already added favorites in the Bookmarks and Favorites section of the navigator, the changes does not get saved after refreshing the browser.

Steps to Reproduce:
-Add modules to favorite
-Go to favorites tab and click the pencil at bottom to edit
-Rename any favorite and rearrange it's position
-Save the changes
-Refresh the page
Observe that the changes made didn't get saved.


Any Release


Any bookmark (in the sys_ui_bookmark table) with a blank title and a blank url, causes the issue of not being able to save the changes made on existing favorites.


To resolve the issue follow the steps below:

-Navigate to sys_ui_bookmark.list table

-Search for a bookmark with blank title and blank url

-Export the xml for that record and use the delete UI action to remove that bookmark record

-Refresh the browser page

-Test by renaming or re-ordering any added favorite in the navigator

Observe that now the changes made on favorites get saved.

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Last Updated:2019-05-23 15:36:49