Known Issues / Known Errors


Required Plugins

 Plugin Name Status   Plugin ID 
Cloud Config ManagementActivecom.snc.config.mgmt
Cloud Management
Cloud Management


 Known Issues

  1. Request for Cloud Management Platform Plugin Activation
  2. Subscribe to Cloud Management and request plugin activation 

 Known Errors

  1. No visibility of SC Order Guide widget in page designer and also no options to edit/delete when the Cloud Management Core plugin is installed
  1. Difference between CMPv1 & CMPv2
  2. What does CMPv1 and CMPv2 mean?
  1. Cloud Management - v1 to v2 Migration
  2. How to disable CMPv1 post-Jakarta 




  1. Permissions management for Cloud Management roles
  2. Assign roles to Cloud Management users
  3. CMP - Roles and Responsibilities 
  4. Assign roles to VMware users of Cloud Management
  5. Assign roles to AWS users of Cloud Management
  6. Assign roles to Azure users of Cloud Management
  1. Missing ACLs for "sn.cmp.cloud_service_designer" role to add input parameters on Blueprint 

MID Server Capabilities



  1. CMP - MID Server selection customization for Cloud Operations
  2. Configure a MID Server for cloud discovery
  1. Cloud Management: How to Execute a PowerShell script locally on the MID server instead of on the provisioned VM when launching a stack (during cloud provisioning)
  2. MID Server memory leak due to accumulated Camel Context for each call to Cloud Provider
  3. VMware and AWS provisioning response does not come back as JSON when MID Server logging level is set to debug
  4. If default Mid Server Override is customized, after instance is upgraded to Madrid release, MID Server Selection is broken for Cloud Discovery / Cloud Account Discovery




  1. Store the Azure service principal credentials in the instance
  2. Add an Azure service account
  3. Create the credentials that enable Cloud Management to access your AWS data
  4. Assume an AWS role for temporary cloud Discovery credentials
  5. Credential exchange between ServiceNow API and Azure Cloud

 Known Issues 

  1. Billing jobs fail with Credential error after upgrade
  2. Credential exchange between ServiceNow API and Azure Cloud
  3. Azure Service Principal Credential verification from command line (CLI)
  4. AWS Credential verification from command line (CLI)
  5. Fixed credentials for NodeAccess on ExecuteScript Operation(CMP)
  6. How to test AWS REST API using POSTMAN

 Known Errors

  1. Madrid upgrade breaks Azure cloud billing jobs on a domain separated instance



  1. Data collected for AWS and Azure Cloud Discovery
  2. Microsoft Azure Functions discovery

 Known Issues

  1. AWS Organization's discovery is not finding cloud resources
  2. ITOM - Cloud Management - AWS cloud discovery of member account resources using dynamically acquired credentials fail with error 401 - AuthFailure
  3. Resource groups are not getting populated during Cloud Discovery
  4. AWS Cloud Service Account discovery fails with "No issuer certificate for certificate in certification path found"
  5. AWS cloud discovery of member account resources using dynamically acquired credentials fail with error 401 - AuthFailure

 Known Errors

  1. Memory exhaustion due to 'AWS EC2 - DescribeSnapshots' discovery sensor
  2. AWS Cloud Service Account is stuck in "Processing" after "Discover Datacenters" UI Action is clicked.
  3. Azure Cloud discovery Sensor error: Transaction cancelled: maximum execution time exceeded 
  4. Cloud resource Discovery fails on non existing tables cloud_resources_service_type_map & discovery_cloud_results
  5. Azure Subscription Discovery fails with an error "CMPCIRelationshipUtil" is not defined
  6. 'Azure DataBase' Pattern for Cloud Discovery fails with MULTIPLE_DEPENDENCIES "Contains::Contained by" in the identification engine.
  7. "Amazon AWS Relational Database Service" pattern does not populate "state" field for the discovered cmdb_ci_cloud_database.
  8. Cloud Service Account Reload' business rule can needlessly flood the MID server with 'service_account_reload' commands
  9. Test Account throws an error for AWS Master Service Accounts and patterns won't display more than 20 service accounts



  1. Add an Azure public image to Cloud Management
  2. Add an AWS public image to Cloud Management
  3. Add credentials to an image template
  1. Add an AWS public image to OS Template with relationships


Cloud Catalogs

  1. Create a cloud catalog item
  2. Cloud catalog form configuration examples
  3. Publish a blueprint as a cloud catalog item
  4. Create a cloud template

 Known Issues

  1. CMP - Static IP Solution in Azure at BluePrint
  2. CMP Static IP parameters in Resource Block
  3. Cloud Catalog Items Actions under Rules - Lookup fields not displaying the Actual value
  4. Manage Attribute Related Link is not visible on the Cloud catalog form
  5. Missing ACLs for "sn.cmp.cloud_service_designer" role to add input parameters on Blueprint

 Known Errors

  1. There is no blueprint catalog rule on computeprofile, as a result, changing computeprofile doesn't recalculate quota availability
  2. The "New" UI Action button on Cloud Templates related list under the "Cloud Catalog Items" is missing


  1. Azure VM provisioning walkthrough
  2. AWS VM provisioning walkthrough
  3. Create pre-provisioning operations
  4. Example: Post-provision cloud script

 Known Issues

  1. Enable Boot Diagnostic option while provisioning Azure VM
  2. Launch a Stack and it is waiting for approval 24 hours and never ends
  3. CMP - Stack error "User or Group Quota Exceeded"
  4. CMP - Stack Provisioning fails with error "Failed with status code and message: 400"
  5. Perform Stack provision operation using REST API without Cloud User Portal
  6. Template Requirements for VMware provisioning with ServiceNow Cloud Management
  7. Update a cmdb_ci_vm_instance record post-Cloud Provisioning using Policies
  8. Provisioning a Linux VM on VMWare cloud would fail with error : ProxyHTTP: proxy error: Forbidden

 Known Errors

  1. Provisioning of vmWare stack and then running OS Discovery does not create virtualize relationship between cmdb_ci_vmware_instance and cmdb_ci_win_server
  2. Cloud Management Deployment fails with - Invalid resource group location 'XXX'. The Resource group already exists in location 'YYY'.
  3. Stack deployment on Azure fails with "ExpiredAuthenticationToken"-"message":"The access token expiry UTC time 


Cloud Billing

  1. Cloud Management dashboards and reports
  2. Schedule and manage the jobs that download AWS billing data
  3. Cancel a Billing Download job

 Known Issues

  1. AWS billing Download error either with Status Code: 403 or Status Code: 404
  2. Azure billing schedule fails with error: Cannot retrieve billing data, Response code 400: Method failed

 Known Errors  

  1. Mismatch in AWS / Azure and CMP Dashboard billing data
  2. Azure/AWS cloud billing import and Processing unacceptably slow.
  3. Madrid upgrade breaks Azure cloud billing jobs on a domain separated instance
  4. Inaccurate reports causing cloud billing not setting the cost field properly.

CMP Licensing

  1. FAQ - CMP - Node licensing and calculation
  1. How user budget consumption is calculated and updated in cloud management user portal



  1. Launch a stack
  2. Manage a stack
  3. Perform a life-cycle operation on a stack or resource
  4. Open cloud orchestrations
  1. CMP Resource level operations have duplicate Deprovision
  2. Resource Operations are not visible at User Portal
  3. Guest Interface & Host Resource'
  4. InvalidInstanceID error when performing stop operation on Brown field VM's

CMP Alert


  1. Set up AWS event processing for Discovery and Service Mapping 
  2. Configure the Azure Alert service to auto-update the CMDB
  3. Configure the VMware Events service to auto-update the CMDB
  4. Configure the Google Stackdriver Logging service to auto-update the CMDB
  1. Azure alert configuration with CMP
  2. AWS alert configuration with CMP
  3. VMware alert configuration with CMP
  4. Google alert configuration with CMP
  5. Ingesting Azure Alerts Using Generic JSON Script


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