1. Overview
  2. Plugins
  3. CMP Versions
  4. Credentials & Accounts
  5. MID Server for CMP
  6. Cloud Discovery
  7. Catalogs & Blueprints
  8. Provisioning
  9. Brownfiled VM Management
  10. Stack & Resource Operations
  11. Cloud Billing
  12. CMP License & Budget
  13. Cloud Alert Management
  14. Cloud Policies & Execute Scripts
  15. Cloud Tag Management
  16. Domain Separation for CMP
  17. Advanced CMP
  18. Known Errors (PRBs) Fixed in Orlando
  19. Known Errors (PRBs) Fixed in Paris
  20. Ideas

1. Overview

Product Docs

    1. Cloud Management and Cloud Insights
    2. Cloud Management
    3. Cloud Management administration guide
    4. Cloud Admin Portal
    5. Cloud User Portal

Available Training`s

    1. Cloud Management Fundamentals
    2. Cloud Management Advanced

2. Plugins

CMP Required Plugins

Plugin NamePlugin IDRequirement
 Cloud API Core Automation, Pattern Designer (NG version), Discovery Core, Service Model Designer
 Cloud Config Management com.snc.config.mgmt REST API Provider, Cloud Management Core
 Cloud Management Discovery Core, Cloud API
 Cloud Management Core Cloud Management Core, Cloud Config Management, Orchestration, ITOM Optimization  Licensing

Note: By default, when the "Discovery" Plugin is activated, the "Cloud Management Core" and "Cloud API" plugins will be activated as a dependency for "Discovery".

Plugins required for Domain Separation with CMP

Plugin NamePlugin IDRequirement
 Service Catalog - Domain Separation com.glideapp.servicecatalog.domain_separationN/A
 Domain Support - Domain Extensions Installer com.glide.domain.msp_extensions.installerN/A

Additional Information

    1. Request for Cloud Management Platform Plugin Activation
    2. Subscribe to Cloud Management and request plugin activation

3. CMP Versions

  1. Difference between CMPv1 & CMPv2
  2. What do CMPv1 and CMPv2 mean?
  3. How to disable CMPv1 post-Jakarta
  4. Cloud Management V2 - VMWare Questions

4. Credentials & Accounts

Product Docs

    1. Store the Azure service principal credentials in the instance
    2. Create the credentials that enable Cloud Management to access your AWS data
    3. Assume an AWS role for temporary cloud Discovery credentials

Knowledge Articles

    1. Credential exchange between ServiceNow API and Azure Cloud
    2. Azure Service Principal Credential verification from the command line (CLI)
    3. AWS Credential verification from the command line (CLI)
    4. Fixed credentials for NodeAccess on ExecuteScript Operation(CMP)
    5. How to test AWS REST API using POSTMAN
    6. AWS Master & Member account Roles/Permissions with Servicenow Discovery
    7. How to make sure the sub account Discovery created from the Master AWS Account works as expected

5. MID Server for CMP

  • Working with CMPv1 was designed to execute the Cloud Resource Discovery without a MID server and uses APIProxy probes.
  • Starting from the CMPv2, the Cloud Resource Discovery and Cloud Orchestration are designed to use MID Server.

Knowledge Articles

    1. Configure a MID Server for cloud discovery
    2. CMP - MID Server selection customization for Cloud Operations
    3. Cloud Management: How to Execute a PowerShell script locally on the MID server instead of on the provisioned VM when launching a stack (during cloud provisioning)
    4. If default Mid Server Override is customized, after instance is upgraded to Madrid release, MID Server Selection is broken for Cloud Discovery / Cloud Account Discovery

6. Cloud Discovery

Product Docs

    1. Data collected for AWS and Azure Cloud Discovery
    2. Microsoft Azure Functions discovery
    3. VMware discovery
    4. Google Cloud Platform discovery
    5. IBM Cloud Platform discovery
    6. Create a Terraform Open Source config provider and run Discovery

Knowledge Articles

    1. vCenter discovery
    2. [Discovery\Targeted Discovery] Pre-requisites to trigger a discovery on VM with Private IP address of AWS cloud resource
    3. AWS Organization's discovery is not finding cloud resources
    4. ITOM - Cloud Management - AWS cloud discovery of member account resources using dynamically acquired credentials fail with error 401 - AuthFailure
    5. Resource groups are not getting populated during Cloud Discovery
    6. AWS Cloud Service Account discovery fails with "No issuer certificate for the certificate in certification path found"
    7. AWS cloud discovery of member account resources using dynamically acquired credentials fail with error 401 - AuthFailure
    8. Data populated to VM Instances under "cmdb_ci_vm_instance" table
    9. Cloud Management V2 - VMWare Questions
    10. Azure Discovery not creating "Virtualized by:: Virtualizes" relationship
    11. AWS Master Discovery error NullPointerException at step : "Get Master account id"
    12. Troubleshoot Google Cloud Platform discovery
    13. Discovery does not relate the Windows CI to Azure VM instance
    14. Identification error due to missing identification attribute object_id for table cmdb_ci_cloud_load_balancer while running Azure Application Gateway HD pattern
    15. "Google Cloud Platform (GCP) - VM and Image Labels" extension in the "Google Cloud Platform (GCP) - Virtual Server" pattern fails to populate GCP labels in the cmdb_key_value table

7. Catalogs & Blueprints

Product Docs

    1. Create a cloud catalog item
    2. Cloud catalog form configuration examples
    3. Publish a blueprint as a cloud catalog item
    4. Create a cloud template

Knowledge Articles

    1. CMP - Static IP Solution in Azure at BluePrint
    2. CMP Static IP parameters in Resource Block
    3. Cloud Catalog Items Actions under Rules - Lookup fields not displaying the Actual value
    4. Manage Attribute Related Link is not visible on the Cloud catalog form
    5. Missing ACLs for "sn.cmp.cloud_service_designer" role to add input parameters on Blueprint
    6. [CMP\CFT Template] VM name is "empty" in AWS Portal which is provisioned from CMP
    7. Blueprints and Vmware
    8. AWS-CFT Provisioning failed with Requires capabilities : [CAPABILITY_IAM]

8. Provisioning

Product Docs

    1. Azure VM provisioning walkthrough
    2. AWS VM provisioning walkthrough
    3. Create pre-provisioning operations
    4. Example: Post-provision cloud script

Knowledge Articles

    1. [CMP\Stack provision] Failed to launch stack from Cloud User Portal
    2. Enable Boot Diagnostic option while provisioning Azure VM
    3. Launch a Stack and it is waiting for approval 24 hours and never ends
    4. CMP - Stack error "User or Group Quota Exceeded"
    5. CMP - Stack Provisioning fails with error "Failed with status code and message: 400"
    6. Perform Stack provision operation using REST API without Cloud User Portal
    7. Template Requirements for VMware provisioning with ServiceNow Cloud Management
    8. Update a cmdb_ci_vm_instance record post-Cloud Provisioning using Policies
    9. Provisioning a Linux VM on VMWare cloud would fail with error : ProxyHTTP: proxy error: Forbidden
    10. Azure Cloud Provisioning of a Linux Virtual Machine fails with error "com.jcraft.jsch.JSchException: Auth fail ..."
    11. Azure deprovisioning fails for VMs with "StandardSSD_LRS" storage account type
    12. [GCP\Response API] Stack provisioning request is failing for Google Cloud

9. Brownfield VM Management

  1. Virtual Machines provisioned using CMP are called as GreenFiled VMS and the Virtual Machines provisioned by AWS/Azure console and discovered by Servicenow are called as Brownfield VMs.
  2. Either provisioned or discovered VMs, both the Greenfield and Brownfield VMs located under "cmdb_ci_vm_instance"
  3. By default, the Greenfield VMs are visible under the User Portal and available for Life Cycle operations (Stop, Start.. Etc) and for Resource Operations.
  4. To make the Brownfield VMs also to be visible under the User Portal, the VMs must need to be manually populated with "Assigned To" field.
  5. Once the Brownfield VM is available under the User Portal, have the opportunity to use the Life Cycle and Resource Operations.

Knowledge Articles

    1. InvalidInstanceID error when performing stop operation on Brownfield VM's

10. Stack & Resource Operations

Product Docs

    1. Launch a stack
    2. Manage a stack
    3. Perform a life-cycle operation on a stack or resource
    4. Open cloud orchestrations

Knowledge Articles

    1. CMP Resource level operations have duplicate Deprovision
    2. Resource Operations are not visible at User Portal
    3. Guest Interface & Host Resource'

11. Cloud Billing

Product Docs

    1. Cloud Management dashboards and reports
    2. Schedule and manage the jobs that download AWS billing data
    3. Cancel a Billing Download job

Knowledge Articles

    1. Cloud Management Troubleshooting - Billing
    2. AWS billing Download error either with Status Code: 403 or Status Code: 404
    3. Azure billing schedule fails with error: Cannot retrieve billing data, Response code 400: Method failed
    4. Billing jobs fails with Credential error after upgrade
    5. Cloud Billing Dashboard fields show "unknown region" at Datacenter drop-down view
    6. [CMP/AWS Billing] Issue while downloading AWS billing from S3 bucket
    7. AWS Billing Dashboard doesn't load/show a blank page.
    8. Cloud Management Billing Dashboard Does not show newly discovered Azure VM tags
    9. What information will be captured for AWS Cloud Billing in CMP?

12. CMP License & Budget

Knowledge Articles

    1. FAQ - CMP - Node licensing and calculation
    2. How user budget consumption is calculated and updated in the cloud management user portal
    3. CMP VM count in CMDB for Licensing
    4. [CMP\AWS Subscription Allocation] Abrupt licensing count for AWS in the Subscription Allocation Report
    5. CMP - Budget Consumption (FAQs)

13. CMP Alert Configuration

Product Docs

    1. Set up AWS event processing for Discovery and Service Mapping 
    2. Configure the Azure Alert service to auto-update the CMDB
    3. Configure the VMware Events service to auto-update the CMDB
    4. Configure the Google Stackdriver Logging service to auto-update the CMDB

Knowledge Articles

    1. Azure alert configuration with CMP
    2. AWS alert configuration with CMP
    3. VMware alert configuration with CMP
    4. Google alert configuration with CMP
    5. Ingesting Azure Alerts Using Generic JSON Script
    6. Processed date is missing on the sn_cmp_cloud_event record when the cloud event triggers a horizontal pattern
    7. Cloud Events mark deleted resource as "In Maintenance" instead of "Absent"

14. Cloud Policies and Execute Scripts

Product Docs

    1. Cloud scripts and cloud script templates
    2. Cloud initialization scripts
    3. Create a cloud policy

Knowledge Articles

    1. Example: Post-provision cloud script
    2. Cloud scripts and cloud script templates
    3. Cloud policy example
    4. Triggers for cloud policies
    5. Configure a cloud policy rule

15. Cloud Tag Management

Product Docs

    1. Tags for cloud resources
    2. Tags improve reporting for cloud resources

Knowledge Articles

    1. How to add custom TAG for reference on Blueprint
    2. CMP: Accessing the CustomTag form parameter in the Policy Action Scripts
    3. Supported Tag discovery for AWS resources

16. Domain Separation for CMP

Product Docs

    1. Domain separation in Cloud Management

Knowledge Articles

    1. ITOM Cloud Management for Service Providers - New York and Madrid

17. Advanced CMP

  1. Using List Collectors in Template-Based Catalog Items
  2. CMP - Using Response Mapping - How to populate CMDB using CMP
  3. Showing a new CI Class to the User Portal
  4. Using Cloud Catalog Items in Standard Service Portal
  5. CMP - Discovering new Resource Types in AWS
  6. CMP - Discovering new Resource Types in Azure
  7. Provisioning an AKS Cluster in Azure using ARM
  8. Cloud Management: Invoking Cloud APIs through Scripts
  9. Python Script Execution in Cloud Management Platform
  10. Cloud Management VMWare Operations: Tags Assignment
  11. Provisioning S3 with Replication
  12. Pre and Post Provision operation with Templates
  13. Enhancements to Scripted REST APIs in New York release of Cloud Management
  14. Terraform Enterprise Integration in Cloud Management
  15. What's cooking (Nov 2019) - Lots more Cloud Management Recipes, at ServiceNow Dev Portal

    • CFT
      • CFT Single Windows VM
      • CFT Linux VM with Multiple NICs
      • CFT Linux VM with LB and Storage
      • CFT Linux VM with Multi VM Multi Disk
      • CFT Linux Install Apache
      • CFT Simple VM with Approval Policy
      • CFT Windows VM Multi-Disk and LB

    • ARM
      • ARM Windows VM with Multi NICs
      • ARM Windows Single VM Multi Disk
      • ARM Windows Stack Multi Disk
      • ARM Windows Stack Multi NIC
      • ARM Linux VM Multi NIC Multi Disk
      • ARM Linux VM Install Apache
      • ARM Linux VM Install MySQL
      • ARM WebApp MySQL
      • ARM VNET Multi Subnet with Approval Policy
      • ARM VNIC Multi Subnet with Naming Policy

    • Resource Operations
      • Attach / Detach / Modify Volume/Create / Describe Snapshots/Modify Instance Attribute

18. Known Errors (PRBs) Fixed in Orlando

  1. Stack deployment on Azure fails with "ExpiredAuthenticationToken"-"message":"The access token expiry UTC time '....' is earlier than current UTC time '....'"
  2. Export of a cloud catalog item does not include Catalog UI Action Policy
  3. Azure discovery fails with ABANDONEDAbandoned due to too many errors
  4. The "New" UI Action button on Cloud Templates related list under the "Cloud Catalog Items" is missing
  5. Madrid upgrade breaks Azure cloud billing jobs on a domain separated instance
  6. Not able to provision load balancer using ARM template
  7. Azure Billing download fails with "Socket timeout" when downloading data from previous months
  8. The Cloud Discovery CIs are improperly marked as Absent/Terminated while CMPReconciler uses getDisplayValue()
  9. Discovery schedule "Cloud Service Account Name - VM Schedule" is cancelled with error "The Discovery range is empty"
  10. Azure Functions Pattern fails with "JAVASCRIPT_CODE_FAILURE: Caused by error in Ad hoc script 'EvalClosure-Set FQDN as URL before strip' at line 3" error at "Set FQDN as URL before strip" step
  11. MID server memory leak caused by long running "Amazon AWS Route53 HD" pattern.
  12. vCenter discovery does not cycle through vmWare credentials and the discovery fails.

19. Known Errors (PRBs) Fixed in Paris

  1. Discovered cloud resources do not get displayed in the admin portal correctly.
  2. Unable to configure Azure Alerts from multiple Resourcegroups from same ServiceAccount
  3. Deprovision from stack fails on Network - Cloud public IP - Multiple Nics
  4. Azure Service Principal Discovery with Cyberark External Credential Store
  5. Configuration Items discovery schedule unexpectedly does not discover the running virtual machines with 2 network interfaces, one public and the other private.
  6. AWS Master Discovery error NullPointerException at step : "Get Master account id"
  7. Cloud Discovery fails when response process is not present for resource block discovery step operation
  8. Processed date is missing on the sn_cmp_cloud_event record when the cloud event triggers a horizontal pattern
  9. vCenter Discovery does not populate the received vCenter Tags in cmdb_key_value table.

20. Ideas

  1. Using Azure images in the shared library
  2. IP Addresses are not getting updated in CMDB table for Brownfield VMs after discovery is performed
  3. Support on-prem azure-stack clouds
  4. Dry-run template validation for CFT,ARM & GDM Cloud Templates.
  5. Discovery - ESX Server Location for Server Managed from a remote VCenter
  6. Enable AWS Discovery Using Private IPs
  7. Discovery support for "System Center Virtual Machine Manager (VMM)"
  8. Discovery of Hyper-V using the VMM Server just like vCenter for Vmware
  9. Allowing Cloud Resource Discovery to discover the Operating System information of the virtual machine instances.
  10. Discovery of Standalone VMware ESX/ESXi Servers, that are not Managed by vCenter/vSphere
  11. ServiceNow vCenter Discovery should return IP and OS info for Virtual Instances
  12. Multiple Service Accounts in a single OpenStack discovery schedule
  13. Discovery of more AWS resources
  14. Request OOB availability for “Open Telekom Cloud” Discovery
  15. Request OOB availability for “Inventix (Switzerland)” Discovery
  16. Request OOB availability for "BlueCloud China" Discovery
  17. Request OOB availability for AliCloud Discovery

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