This article is to demonstrate to Configure MID capability with Datacenter Value for VMWare cloud API operations to go through Specific MID  server


Step 1 

  • Log into the Instance
  • Navigator >> Cloud Management >> Service Accounts >> Verify the Service Account with "cmdb_ci_vcenter_datacenter" Datacenter Type 
  • Open the Record  with "cmdb_ci_vcenter_datacenter" type and verify the available Logica Datacenters 
  • Copy the Logical Datacenters name 

Step 2 

  • Create New MID server capability 

    • Navigator >> MID Server >> Capabilities
    • Click New >> add "VMWare" as the Capability and Vsphere "Logical Datacenter" as the value 

      • Example: The Vsphere logical datacenter name is "ABC123" the VMware capability value should also be "Abc123" 

    • Click Submit

Step 3  

  • Navigator >> Discovery >> MID servers >> Select the MID server from which we choose to specify the VMWare Cloud operations to go through.
  • Open the MID serve record >> Capabilities >> Remove the Capability "ALL" (If already available and not needed)
  • Click on Edit to Add Capabilities >> Select the New capability created with Logical Datacenter value (Step 2) and save >> Save  the capabilities
  • Execute Discovery or any CAPI operations, all the Operations will go through the configured MID server

Note: If there are multiple Logica Datacenters for the Vsphere, user need to create MID capabilities as many as the Logical Datacenters (perform the above operation for all the Datacenters)


Once performed above steps.

If there are two MID servers, "A" with VMware/Value: null, "B" with VMware/Value: datacenter, in this case, B is used as the one with specific datacenter value takes precedence.


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