The field does not seems to get populated when a template is applied.
The icon 'Field modified by template' shows but field seems empty.

This issue is happening when the value been populated is an inactive record.

For example, if the 'Database' Group is not active, the template 'Database Restore' won't populate the field Assignment group as it should (the field gets populated but the user can't tell because the field looks empty. If the user save the record, the Group will start showing)

Steps to Reproduce

Madrid Patch 2

1- Navigate to the Group https://instancename.service-now.com/nav_to.do?uri=sys_user_group.do?sys_id=287ee6fea9fe198100ada7950d0b1b73
2- Uncheck the box 'Active' (if 'Active' field is not in the form, add it to it by right click on the header and select Configure > Form Layout)
3- Click save or submit.

4- Impersonate the ITIL user
5- Navigate to change https://instancename.service-now.com/nav_to.do?uri=change_request.do?sys_id=2de5121347c12200e0ef563dbb9a71eb
6- Click the template "Database Restore".
7- Note that the assignment group is still empty (The icon 'Field modified by template' shows but field seems empty)

- Step number 7.

- Step 7 should be 'Database' value is displayed in the "Assignment Group" field.


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