Test load 20 records fails with error message "Unable to find MID Server" followed by sys_id of a MID server of a clone source instance.



All releases.



Instance was cloned from production to sub-production. LDAP Server table (ldap_server_config) contains a reference field named MID Server (mid_server) to the MID Server table (ecc_agent). The reference field was still populated with the sys_id of the Production MID server.



1. Navigate to System LDAP > Data Sources. 
2. Open any datasource record. 
3. Click on the "i" icon for LDAP target and click "Open Record". This opens the "LDAP OU Definition" record. 
4. Click on the "i"icon for Server and click "Open Record". This opens the "LDAP Server" record. 
5. Click on "MID Server" and select a valid MID server. 
6. Save record. 
7. Navigate back to System LDAP > Datasources. 
8. Test load 20 records.

Additional Information

KB0719301 How to manually Clone a MID Server so that you don't have to reconfigure all integrations features to use a different MID Server on the sub-prod instance after an Instance Clone.
KB0688954 The MID Server Exclude/Preserve Clone settings cause MID Server issues on the target.

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