SAP Java Dialog instances (DI) nodes are not being discovered/created in an Application Service Map. This is because the pattern code only handles ABAP Dialog instances (DI). When creating the connection or identifying a DI node, the code will only look for application instances that starts with "D" and will not check for the Java ones that starts with "J".

Steps to Reproduce

- Configure a SAP environment making sure to create a Java Dialog Instance.
- Install the Service Mapping plugin.
- Install and configure a MID server that connects to and discovers the SAP environment.
- Create an Application Service to discover the SAP environment.

The Java DI will not be discovered. The connection is filtered out, and so not followed.


The workaround here is to create the following additional steps:

1. On "SAP APP Connections" Shared Library: Add a step after "1.17 filter di connections" to capture the instance that starts with "J" as shown in the following screenshot:

NOTE: The shared library can be accessed from any of the patterns that uses it. For example: SAP SCS Application > Connection Section > Create SAP APP Connections. You will need to make sure when saving the changes to select save in the shared library as opposed to just in the pattern.

2. On "SAP DI Application" Pattern: Add a Step at the beginning of the pattern to check for J in the execution command as shown in the following screenshot:

Related Problem: PRB1345134

Seen In

London Patch 3
Madrid Patch 3

Fixed In

New York

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