When you request a new clone you will see two additional clone records which are in a state of 'Draft'.


When you click on the UI Action to submit a clone, a record is instantly created in the clone table. If you do not proceed with the clone or click out of the pop up window the record will stay in your system as a 'draft' but this can be safely ignored. These records cannot currently be deleted by the customer because they have a link to an internal instance at ServiceNow which manages the clone requests.

Even when the clone is scheduled successfully you will still create 2 additional draft records at different points of the request validation. 

High level overview of the records being created:

  • First 'Draft' state - This is created when the clone is requested from the source instance.
  • Second 'Draft' state - This is created when the target is authenticated and validated internally.
  • 'Requested' state - This is created when the clone request is sent our internal ServiceNow Datacenter for processing. The 'Requested' state moves to 'Completed' state when the clone transfer is complete.

Additional Information

A project is ongoing to allow deletions of these records from the Orlando release onwards.

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Last Updated:2019-10-17 06:11:17