After installing Employee Service Center [com.sn_hr_service_portal] , several errors are reported and User's are not able to access Service Portal of Employee Service Center.


Current version : Madrid

Previous version : Istanbul , Jakarta




In the affected instance, following plugins related to Human Resource are installed 

Employee Service Center [com.sn_hr_service_portal] 
Human Resources Scoped App: Core [com.sn_hr_core] 
Human Resources Application: Core [] 

There are two different versions of Human Resource available [ Non Scoped - V1 , Scoped -V2 ]

The first two plugins are the HR V2 scoped plugins and are meant to work together, namely Employee Service Center and Human Resources Scoped App: Core. 

The last one, Human Resources Application: Core, is the non-scoped V1 Core HR application (Helsinki and earlier).

It does not work with scoped Employee Service Center portal. Instead, it is meant to work with the non-scoped portal, Human Resources Application: Service Portal []. 


In the affected instance HR cases are in hr_case, which means customer are using the V1 Human Core application. In this case, customer should use corresponding portal.

Note : Customer support would need to install the V1 portal: Human Resources Application: Service Portal.

After installation, please navigate to /hrsp, to access the appropriate portal. 

Additional Information

  1. If customer intends to use the V2 portal, since customer already have both the scoped core and portal plugins installed. Simply navigate to /esc to view the ESC portal. 
  2. Regarding the sn_hr_sp_m2m_portal_catalog error is caused by a leftover file that shouldn't be there. 

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Last Updated:2019-08-26 17:36:09