Having other than the default time/date format (yyyy-mm-dd) can bring some varied issue on forms for On-call & Change.


1. In the "On-Call Schedules" module, if the user clicks on a shift card where they are the manager or roster member, they are supposed to be directed to the new to Madrid "user interface" page for on-call which is not working. 

2. When in a Change and you click on the conflict calendar it allows you to change the time by dragging and selecting a new time. When you chose a new time and click save the time on the change does not update correctly.

Steps to Reproduce

Steps to reproduce: 

1. Open change xxxxxx
2. click the UI action at the top for Conflict Calendar 
3. Drag the timeline for the specified change to a different time
4. Change the Planned start/End date click save
5. You will see that the time saved is not what you selected when changing from the conflict calendar


There is a workaround which can be applied in Madrid release. 
You can change the user's (to whom this issue is happening) timezone to default (yyyy-mm-dd). This will fix the issue. 

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Related Problem: PRB1332169

Seen In

SR - ITOM - Fundamentals Istanbul Jakarta Kingston r1 - v5.99.6

Fixed In

Madrid Patch 6
Madrid Patch 7
New York

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