Discovery Home Subnet Discovery does not run 'Network Routing Device - Light' pattern against the next hop Routers/L3 Switches of the starting routers, and it should.
This leads to failing to discover the next hop routers/L3 switches in the chain.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Navigate to Discovery home > Configure the subnet discovery with 1 MID server that its default gateway router/L3 switch has a next hop that should be discovered.

Actual behavior:
'Network Routing Device - Light' pattern will run only against the starting router and it will not be triggered against the discovered next hops of the starting router 'MID server default gateway'.

Expected behavior:
'Network Routing Device - Light' pattern should be triggered by Subnet Discovery - On Target Discovery Success - Post Sensor Script against the identified next hops.


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The routers could be added manually to the Subnet Discovery configuration. You can query a list of the dscy_route_next_hop table for the first router, where dest_ip_network is "" to find the routers.


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