Not all Variables are listed for selection in the Filter Builder on RITM List when logged in as itil user.
This functionality is available to users that have roles such as "catalog_editor", "category_manager", "catalog_lookup_admin" that gives this access, as they give higher level of access to user like creating and maintaining Catalogs/ Categories/ Catalog Items.

Steps to reproduce the behaviour:
1. Login to ServiceNow as ITIL User
2. Open Requested Items list
3. Click on the Filter builder and select 'variables' in the list.
4. Select any catalog item
5. Click the lookup button for variables to see list of available variables.
6. Observe that the list has only those variables that are created under that catalog item. The list doesn't have variables created under a variable set and linked to that catalog item.




Working as expected. ITIL users don't have the roles required to view variable sets or catalog item relations to variable sets.


Able to reproduce on an OOTB/base instance. This is as per design and the access is restricted using security/ACL for this.

Hence this requires customisation to achieve the desired behaviour.

Please note: implementation queries will have to be maintained by the customers and reviewed after upgrade if they require to be applied once again if necessary.

At a high level, the following 2 ACLs potentially restricting access to the table that stores the catalog item and variable sets mapping and also the variable set to variables mapping could be modified to add another custom role which the required users could be granted access to :


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