The Column Label is not saved when creating a function field on a custom table.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Navigate to: System Definition > Tables
  2. Create a new table with 2 new fields:
    -Department (reference to Department, cmn_department)
    -Group (reference to Group, sys_user_group)
  3. Click the 'New' UI Action to create a 3rd field, a function field with the following values:
    -Type: String
    -Column label: Department Group Display
    -Column name: u_department_group_display
    -Max Length: 100
    -Function field: true
    -Display: true
    -Function definition: glidefunction:concat(," :: ",
  4. Save.

    > Expected behavior: The column label should be saved with the field.

    > Actual behavior: The field is saved but the column label is wiped out.


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Known workaround: Uncheck the 'Function field' check box and create a Business Rule to populate a value in that new column.

Related Problem: PRB1326021

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