The dot walked field on the status reports form is always read only when created from the related lists.

Steps to Reproduce

- Install com.snc.project_management_v3
- Create New Date field on pm_project say (u_project_forecase_date)
- Add the same field on the form project_status by dot-walking (Project.Project Forecase Date)
- Go to any record on pm_project_list.do
- Go to the Related List "Status Reports" Click New
- The Date Field is ("u_project_forecase_date") is read-only on the form "project_status"

Actual Result- The date field (u_project_forecase_date) is readonly on the "project_status" form
Expected Result- The date field should be(u_project_forecase_date) editable on the "project_status" form


As the Project Reference Field is Read-only, every field from the project will be displayed as read-only in the status report.

<p>This is expected behaviour and by design in all currently supported releases.</p>

Related Problem: PRB1343987

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